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February 28, 2007


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I'm worried about Ideal Market, where I've shopped since I got to Boulder in '71--the last century. I don't LIKE Whole Foods and can't understand why people who otherwise worry about saving every penny go there religiously. Lack of organics is just one noticeable problem with Whole Foods. Lack of support of local schools is another. But change is the only certainty. We worried when Wild Oats bought Ideal and that turned out OK.

In the meantime, (not to change the subject)--let's hear some support for Lucky's Market, the only indpendently owned full-service grocery store in Boulder.


I love all the detail and speculation in this post. I live in Louisville and was thrilled when a Wild Oats went in just across the turnpike. I've also wondered what's going to happen with the idea of expansion (Whole Foods) and the prospects for the new headquarters (Wild Oats). Thank you for your thoughts and perceptions, Jerry. I picked up your link at Terry's site today and will be checking back with you.

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