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  • Boulder's Caffeine Fix Map
    Let's face it, Boulderites need their caffeine fix. Here's a map for local and visitors alike to discover some of the city's (and surrounding town's) best places to find a good cup of java.

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January 21, 2007


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John Gray

Dear Mr. Lewis:

I love the blog and I love the BCBR! You folks do a great job. By the way, I love the dogs, too!

Keep up the great work.



I am glad that I could be such an evil influence on you. It only takes one sip of the Kool-Aid to get sucked into the simplicity of your new techno-gadget. You're an official convert!
It's a're running with the Big Dogs now (and the girls will totally dig your slim, sexy new laptop). Heck, I work for the company and I'M jealous!

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