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Boulder's Caffeine Fix Map

  • Boulder's Caffeine Fix Map
    Let's face it, Boulderites need their caffeine fix. Here's a map for local and visitors alike to discover some of the city's (and surrounding town's) best places to find a good cup of java.

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Native of Louisville, Ky., I've been living in Boulder, Colorado since 1973. A Colorado journalist for more than 35 years, I worked at the Daily Camera and Denver Post before purchasing the Business Report with partners in 1989. We sold the Business Report to Brown Publishing of Cincinnati, Ohio on Jan. 31, 2008.

What I hope to do in the blog is not only let you in on a few observations about Boulder goings-on -- great places, people, businesses, etc. -- but just give you a guided tour around this place often called "10 square miles surrounded by reality."


Travel, writing, social media, photography, fly-fishing, upland bird hunting.